Libertinus: Castor days...
SteppeTales: Looking up at Zhambyl's mausoleum
SteppeTales: Steppe Tales cameraman checks his equipment
SteppeTales: Jonathan Newell watches Caspionet cameraman Manat
SteppeTales: Cameraman Yernat at Lake Issyk
SteppeTales: Film crew walk to the support vehicle after filming at Charyn Canyon
Teacher Dude's BBQ: Reporters Without Borders issue alarm over police violence against reporters in Greece
Travis Barton Photography: mistah photographa
SteppeTales: Jonathan Newell interviews DJ Moguai
clarisel: DSCN3641
av8rtv tvphotog: Surfing photographer
SteppeTales: Helping cooks place samsa in a clay oven
SteppeTales: Carrying film camera back to the car
SteppeTales: Steppe Tales cameraman films across the fields
FrE$h Gr36H: SPORTS!!!!!
TowcesterNews: IMG_4739
TowcesterNews: IMG_2511
TowcesterNews: IMG_2497
TowcesterNews: IMG_2487
TowcesterNews: IMG_4258
TowcesterNews: IMG_4237
TowcesterNews: IMG_4231
VascoPress Comunicações: President Obama Visits Rio de Janeiro - IMG_4502
av8rtv tvphotog: STS 134 Houston Chronicle Macs
TowcesterNews: IMG_0897
Derrick H: Nicole Seah from Marina Parade GRC being swarmed by the Media.
SteppeTales: Avoiding reflections while filming ballet sequence
SteppeTales: Caspionet cameraman films the Almaty opera theatre
SteppeTales: Setting up a shot in the opera theatre costume department