lulo92: Tutti quanti dovremo dovremo risplendere, ma in modo tale da non offuscare la luce degli altri. Dovremmo tutti imparare dalle stelle.
Eric Gross Photography: Essex, Connecticut, High Point
BudCat14/Ross: California Nocturne
BudCat14/Ross: Exotica: Shop Window, Union St., San Francisco
danielnotnow1: Sunset surf warrior. . 20201014-MPSF4156-3
Will-Jensen-2020: Punta Rassa Sunset (DSC_8631)
CharlyMakrayRice: onepieceatatime
Jon Dev: Pixel abstract - #3
tdlucas5000: Autumn Green and Pink
ultravivid imaging: 8R9A7277-81sPRCtaMl1TBbGERk2
danielnotnow1: MPSF 4161 Surf royalty.
tdlucas5000: Cosmo Enters, Stage Right
Roig61: Las Vegas NV, USA 03-10-18 Poster of Marie Osmond on the facade of the Flamingo Hotel as part of the great Donny and Marie show that ended in 2019
Jon Dev: Pixel abstract
tdlucas5000: Autumn Morning Cosmos
EOSXTi: Floral Abstract
YIP2: The Two of Us
YIP2: Just You
Otacílio Rodrigues: Sunny house on top of the hill
Ian Johnston on the Isle of Wight: Victorian Architecture through the trees..
jay2boat: CLR15_1930
Bruce Clarke: Blenheim Park
Bruce Clarke: Blenheim Park
Bruce Clarke: Blenheim Park
jay2boat: MIA15_1724
danielnotnow1: MPSF 4128
ep_jhu: Not quite Manhattanhenge
Jon Dev: Apartment towers old and new, Beltline area of Calgary