F J R: bw_deer_brush_101019
THE Halloween Queen: B.G. Glass Bottle Bottoms Windows (2)
jo92photos: Perched Polly
hunbille: LR Athens 2019-4192308
saxonfenken: Sunset on River Nene
Kathy~: Colorful
Jakza: Orvalho
Jakza: natureza morta
F J R: family_112919
Read2me: Blooms on the tree
MEA Images: raccoon, front and center!
hunbille: LR Uganda 2018-9071554
THE Halloween Queen: Daisy (Selective Color)
F J R: macac_monkey_mother_baby_g_060616
THE Halloween Queen: B.B.G.F. 11-26-2019 (163)
hunbille: Gujarat 2015
*Aña*: Dream caused by a flight
F J R: mallard_flight_112319
F J R: industrial_smoke_monochrome_101019
Jakza: gotas
saxonfenken: December Sunset
hunbille: Gujarat 2014
green_lover (your COMMENTS are welcome!): palms, palms everywhere! :)
jo92photos: Easter Sunday 2019
jo92photos: Long Eared Owl
THE Halloween Queen: Goose With Reflection
Kathy~: Asia 2013
jo92photos: Waves on the Beach
Kathy~: Fall