VauGio: Who is waiting for who?
Through_Urizen: Revelations
Cassiezee: October poppies dressed to impress
FotoCordan: Zelem 6413
Michael S Knight: The Yellow Blob Returns
Carl Campbell: Saturday 3 November 2018 (35)
SadyCat Littlepaws: Losing my Time
Photopaul15: Willimantic Brewery
sgaubert: caddie
Rusty Russ: Plum Island Sound, Great Neck, Ipswich, MA
ahpook12: The Infinite Jest
beshubee: By William peter shubalis Google my name.
reikoe: A Girl called Wanda
Jean Pothier: Early Morning
reikoe: Sally’s night
Forty-9: 295/366 - One Pound
reikoe: Deep dark beauty
Steve.D.Hammond.: Indefatigabilities.
TheseusPhoto: Bia-77
scarrviper: Mother is Talking to You!
m1garandusa: _DSC0550-Pano-positive
shirley Uborstein: spookyshirls2
shirley Uborstein: spookyshirls
Jean Pothier: The Nosa Señora da Barca Church, Muxia, Spain
Jon Dev: Autumn snow along Fish Creek, Calgary
Jon Dev: Tree shadows on a rock
Santi L.: Giza
Jobove - Reus: Poblet (Les Masies)