Mecki ----: ... my Morning walk ...
relaxednow: IMG_7119a3-Stereo Photo/3D
Tom.Bentz: Tree Down (Stereo)
pinelife: Rooster
Barrie_r: Looking Out-Looking In -stereo cross-view
relaxednow: 422a-Stereo Photo/3D
relaxednow: IMG_5621d1
In Memoriam: Ecuador Megadiverso: Freshly molten Katydid, Anabropsis alata?
John Lloyd Lovell: 3D collaboration
In Memoriam: Ecuador Megadiverso: Basket cocoon with pupa
Immagini 2&3D: Italian Barocco - xview 3D
DarkOnus: Hoverfly Love 2 - Crosseye 3D
urix5: Ararati street. Tbilisi, Georgia
pinelife: Taqueria DF
romassniegas: La Dame Du Temps (3)
lcv_dave: MF3D - Parallel
LUDOVIC. R: Créche église Sainte Marie a Saint Etienne
Bill A: Patterson Park Pagoda in the Spring
LUDOVIC. R: vérascope
Howard Sandler (film photos): Crown Graphic in 3D Parallel View
Bill A: The Gnome & Garden Show – 2019 Spring Flower Display at the Rawlings Conservatory and Botanical Gardens in Baltimore.
Howard Sandler (film photos): Remic Rapids, Ottawa
Bill A: Sculpture titled "Needle Tower" by Kenneth Snelson at the Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden in Washington DC.
Bill A: Tree at the National Bonsai Museum in Washington DC.
The Vintage Lens: Stereoview Cards
Howard Sandler (film photos): Vintage Pontiac Chieftain in stereo
wim hoppenbrouwers: Merwesteinpark Dordrecht SBS 3D stereo
The Vintage Lens: Stereoview Cards