frankmh: Evening sky
frankmh: Fence roses
frankmh: The magical Rhododendron forest
frankmh: Historic boats from the Faroe Islands and Kronborg Castle
frankmh: Crew members of the veteran ship Westward Ho
frankmh: Historic boats from Faroe Islands visit Helsingør
frankmh: Happy sailing
frankmh: An excavator with a view
Artemis Desteredes Europa central: Vistas de Kronborg Castle
Artemis Desteredes Europa central: Puerto de Helsingør
frankmh: "My" street in Hittarp
p_odel: The Øresund Coast - near Elsinore
frankmh: Hittarp horses im May
frankmh: Leaving Helsingborg
p_odel: Elsinore, the Cathedral and the fortifications
p_odel: Give the poor man a cold beer...
frankmh: The Helsingborg lighthouse and (old) pilot station
frankmh: Late afternoon in January
frankmh: Late afternoon view
p_odel: Helsingør/Elsinore in my dreams 2
p_odel: Helsingør/Elsinore in my dreams...
pburka: Antares
pburka: Rhinoceros
pburka: Barracks