JamieMcK2001: Now and then a puppet (a song below)
*jean*michel*: La chevelure de Taughannock falls.https://music.youtube.com/watch?v=uZxz1DFcTsM&feature=share
Shooting Kangaroo: Sunset at the bund.2021
Steve.D.Hammond.: Ventriloquist.
drager meurtant: Island travels
mattbed_images: pense !_____¡piensa!_____think!
JamieMcK2001: Vagabondage (poem below)
drager meurtant: EE (moving in space)
vittorio.chiampan: The Bonsai
m@czeug: Follow your heart...
SwedPV: The cross spider flower nest
drager meurtant: Zuid-NL ca 1625 - Adam en Eva in het paradijs
*jean*michel*: Les veilles charrues- The old carts - "Topart & fils, Moyencourt, Somme""
SwedPV: The Beautiful Earwig
SwedPV: The tired bumblebee in Canada goldenrod
yaakov_china: Ámame
yaakov_china: Presagio
yaakov_china: Tatuaje
Guillaume DELEBARRE: At the museum
Marc Laroche/Niepceetdaguerre: La parole parfois obscure des poètes
SwedPV: Organic decay
PenangCA: Legion of Honor museum