GlennAlexander2010: Park Bench
Ba Tas: died in a cole mine 1893 | Metropole Ruhr
Ba Tas: broken in thin lines
mousse.annick: Hattonchâtel
Albion68: The Fleeting Nature Of Things
tucker.tterence: Liverpool
cvlltlmr4: Reach for the stars
Muse poétique: Les couleurs changeantes
lutzmeyer: Andorra streets: Andorra la Vella, the Pyrenees
Jean-Marc Bilquez: Sur le Lot-Puy l' Evêque
Jean-Marc Bilquez: Sur le Lot-Puy l' Evêque
steff808: Tres amigos...y uno mas
JC Reuland: Street life in Florence
Enciclopedia Bonàs: Riu Lau i muntanyes de Ghomara
caminanteK: Bétous (Gers, Occitanie, Fr) – Jardins de la Palmeraie de Sarthou
*F~: le citronnier et le pain
Peter Vangeen: To who knows where...
JC Reuland: Breakfast
CarlH_: Short and sweet!
Ken Mattison: Reflections
PixeLuz: vers l'autre pays
nzi26.04: parrot macaw sits on a piece of wood and looks into the face of the photographer
m.artin k.: IiI/iI
nzi26.04: I'm not a botanist and I don't know what kind of flower it is, but it grows and I saw it and then I photographed it
waldampel: overtime in the tower