Mado46: Once You Get Started The Bridge and the Rock
LeszekZadlo: Romantic Park - Arkadia, Mazowsze, Poland
*Vasek*: Retro Fireworks #3
.annajane: Autumn at Sefton Park
.annajane: Autumn at Sefton Park
.annajane: Autumn at Sefton Park
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T P Mann Photography: The Colors of Autumn
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Defabled: A walk in the woods
Defabled: A walk in the woods Neubrandenburg - Gätenbach
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Behind Budapest: Derito-to
romain.roussel: Chaîne du Mont-Blanc
Andreas Komodromos: Pier 66 (after dark) - New York City
toms.annette: CLAREMONT GARDENS :As the formal garden went out of style in the 1730s, Newcastle employed William Kent to bring it up to date. He replanted large areas and expanded the 'round basin' at the base of the amphitheatre into a serpentine lake.
Laura Rowan: “Let the Morning Rise with Your Smile!” ― Somya Kedia
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