sweirsweir: Heavy Stone Fears No Weather
featherfirecaster: Sugar and Bliss ♥
kirstiecat: Hold on Tight and Trust Me
yaakov_china: Arcoíris
vittorio.chiampan: The Bonsai
Thomas Cizauskas: Monster of (de)construction
kirstiecat: Synchronized Dancing Through the Abyss
kirstiecat: I Have Both Arms Up Now Grab Me
JamieMcK2001: Now and then a puppet (a song below)
kirstiecat: Japanese White Pine
mattbed_images: pense !_____¡piensa!_____think!
kouichi_zen: 水様=Appearance of water-239/Complex structures rising on a rainy day
JamieMcK2001: Vagabondage (poem below)
kirstiecat: I am Going to Eat You Alive
m@czeug: Follow your heart...
Gray Moon Gallery: Stalag Zehn B - in english
kirstiecat: I Promise I Won't Hurt You (Part 2)
yaakov_china: Presagio
yaakov_china: Blackness
kouichi_zen: 水様=Appearance of water-238/2 pavements struck by the rain
yaakov_china: Ámame
yaakov_china: Tatuaje
kirstiecat: Van Gogh’s Last Words
kirstiecat: The Power of Song
kirstiecat: Because I Love You I Will Let You Eat the Very Last Cheerio
kirstiecat: Green Gated Garden
Thomas Cizauskas: Crepe myrtle (01)