Davey's Shots: IMG_3212
Davey's Shots: IMG_3211
hang five: two swans
Ed Vaden: Wicomico River Panorama
Davey's Shots: IMG_3208
Davey's Shots: IMG_3204
antpesare: Mediterraneo #18
print57: Observation Deck, Salt Cove, Boyden Heights Conservation Area, East Providence, RI, 2020
65mb: pike county georgia
nrg_crisis: Tongues Of Fire
millicand@rocketmail.com: Water Reflection & Mountain Landscape, Hardangerfjord, Kingdom Of Norway.
millicand@rocketmail.com: Night Time, Illuminated Architecture & Water Reflection, Bergen, Kingdom Of Norway.
vincocamm: Morning Warmth
Richard Mouser: Tide near the Cliffs
Merrillie: Seaside harbour overcast seascape with boats
Merrillie: Seaside harbour overcast seascape with boats
roentarre: Turpins Waterfall by Sony A7RIV FE 16-35mm f2.8 GM
millicand@rocketmail.com: Abandoned Wooden Building & Water Landscape, Drange, Kingdom Of Norway.
millicand@rocketmail.com: Frozen Hjorundfjorden Near Oye, Kingdom Of Norway
German Rodriguez Photography: Shrimp boat behind the Marshside Grill in Brunswick, Georgia.
davebloggs007: Kananaskis river
davebloggs007: Kananaskis river
Ed Vaden: Sunrise on Colton's Point
Ed Vaden: Sunset from Solomons Island
Ed Vaden: Purple Sunset
Ed Vaden: Surreal Sunrise
Ed Vaden: Slow Shutter Sunset