KoolPix: Northern Harrier Hawk
jumpers123: Red Kites in flight.
Thomas Muir: Snowy Owl Flying
patricebabeux: Épervier de Cooper DM 2021.01.23-2
wesleybarr1962: nothing beats fresh duck !!!!
Bob Hurrell Wildlife: Owl portraits-collage.
Bonnies Photography: bluejayonatreenextdoorwm-1-23-2021
peterstratmoen: PAS_2142
Bonnies Photography: chickadeeonatreebranchinourbackyardwm-1-23-2021
Bonnies Photography: femalecardinalonatreebranchinourbackyardwm-1-23-2021
Bonnies Photography: femaledownywoodpeckeronabranchinourbackyardwm-1-23-2021
Bonnies Photography: hawkonatreenextdooronewm-1-23-2021
Sam Budd: The Perlin
rileyron: Red-tailed Hawk (Buteo jamaicensis)
wesleybarr1962: I look content, but I am hungry
Chris Cox Images of Nature: Falco tinnunculus
shypeled: Hawk
Ted Humphreys Nature: Griffon Vulture with baby April 2015
Ted Humphreys Nature: Kestrel April 2015
Linda DV: Aegypius monachus. Cinereous Vulture.
wesleybarr1962: cute but deadly
72Prep: duck down beak
KoolPix: Eastern Screech Owl
Ted Humphreys Nature: Montagues harrier Apr 2015
WolfmansSnaps: 246A83AF-BD90-49E7-AEA2-2178DAF8A5A3