Shutter Bug Brent: Inside the Tuzigoot National Monument
Shutter Bug Brent: The Ancient Ones I (B/W)
Shutter Bug Brent: Ancient City I
kasiahalka: Native American woman
dcnelson1898: Hovenweep Boulder House
dcnelson1898: Hovenweep Ruins
dcnelson1898: Ancient Walls
dcnelson1898: Wall Above the Wash
tomblandford: Meticulous
RPahre: Spiritual figure
Pete Tillman: Lichens and mortars
RPahre: Discovering petroglyphs
RPahre: Setting the stage
Topp Scout: Tsalagi
RPahre: Thunderbird or similar
Jon Gudorf Photography: Circular spiral petroglyph and mountains. Signal Hill, Saguaro National Park, Arizona
grafxmangrafxman: IMG_6681
David-Gordon: Strawberry Creek Site
brysonc760: Top Shelf Cannabis
demeeschter: Native Voices
RPahre: Cholla with bokeh art - HBW!
RPahre: View from the Long House Window - HWW!
RPahre: Horizonal foundations
RPahre: Dancer
frwakeham: Quarai Mission ruins
frwakeham: Quarai Mission ruins
frwakeham: Quarai Mission National Monument
RPahre: Mistakes were made