BKB Images: Busy in the Late Summer Sun
Cederquist Christoffer: Gothenburg has had some great weather this past week.Here's some proof #1
BKB Images: Startled Oak
BKB Images: Familiar Turned Alien
BKB Images: Early Angler
BKB Images: Cowlin Memorial
BKB Images: Valentine's Park Clock Tower
BKB Images: New Playground
faheem-khalid: 40768682_322252721860732_8898873101429768192_n
Cederquist Christoffer: Various Perspectives
Kimmo Räisänen: Evening at Nymphenburg park
hacbs: Autumn
hacbs: Cades Cove, The Great Smoky Mountains National Park, Tennessee
Alexandru Jitaru: Ethernal Life
simba.babe.foto: DSC_0220
Alexandru Jitaru: Silent Road
Mark Pilar: Strolling In The Park
jacek_szacho-głuchowicz: Garden of Remembrance, Dublin, Ireland
jacek_szacho-głuchowicz: Prague, Jewish Cemetery.
jacek_szacho-głuchowicz: Bydgoszcz, Poland
jacek_szacho-głuchowicz: Bydgoszcz, Poland
Cederquist Christoffer: Nature´s On Fire
Alexandru Jitaru: man in yellow jaket
Alexandru Jitaru: light at the end
zwzzjim: Mornng in Beijing 38, China
hacbs: Sunset, Pier 1 Cafe, Riverside Park, Hudson River, New York City.