Jeff Sullivan ( Comet 46P/Wirtanen Over Harmony Borax Works Monochrome, Night Time, Architecture, Clock Tower, Kremlin, Red Square, Moscow, Russian Federation.
hirocun: Sagittarius with Sigma 105mmF1.4 August 2019
hirocun: Sagittarius with Sigma 105mmF1.4 August 2019 Dark Version
dr.medox: Qatar National Day Fireworks 2018
eos-001: 18-Nov2019 - the Moon this morning !
athanecon: fullmoon behind the pillars
inefekt69: Milky Way at Yenyening Lakes, Western Australia
Joseph Brimacombe: Probable Supernova ASASSN-19abg or Brutus 8803-5 or AT2019uxv or TNS ID 48266 in IC 4850 or PGC 63631 Narrowfield C - Nov 16, 2019
4 Pete Seek: Lindale Mill Stars
rod1691: O'Side Beach Dawn 02-11-14-19
eliot photos: The plane of the ecliptic in Tucson's twilight
kevin-palmer: Last Night in Alaska
kevin-palmer: Frozen Chena Lake
ppgarcia72: Windmill on the night
poseidon_simons: 31-10-2019 moon and jupiter
Vladimir Machek: Moon, Jupiter and his moon Ganymedes
maquaman: IMG_9342
petiam91: The Milky Way over the chapel
Jaws300: tunnel of hell
4 Pete Seek: Lindale Dance Floor Lights
KeithRembisz: Grand View Panorama
dmkusz79: Melotte 15
rod1691: O'Side Sunrise 2-9-28-19
Piotr Stachowiak: F de Furteventura (16)
HomeGroenPhotography: "Did My Time"
mikeb650: Moon over Miami Beach
dr.medox: Crescent 5% 2 days age