Eric @ LL: A signal in the sky
Don Arsenault: Mid Week Storm
Lucca Vanoni Ruggiero: Moon Jul 21th 2019 after 50 years
Lucca Vanoni Ruggiero: Moon Jul 21th 2019, Apollo 11's moon landing site
Murat Güre: Saturn
wujuanca: Airplane
jason.betzner: Moonrise on Apollo 11 50th Anniversary
|_eon|_ee: NGC6960, The Veil Nebula Complex in HaOO - Supernova Remnant
McMannis Photographic: city of dreams
Bodkin's Best: Flying Embers
Dave Trono: Milky Way over Vermont Barn
DocRX: LDN949
mikeb650: Blood Moon 2019
hodorgabor: Apollo11 - 50th anniverary
hodorgabor: Apollo11 - 50th anniverary - Annoted
The Charliecam: Deer Lake Reflections Anza-Borrego at Night 3982
dubna30: IMG_0956
dubna30: The Ivankovo hydroelectric power plant. In the sky - Mars.
Joseph Brimacombe: Outback Moonrise on the 50th Anniversary of the Moon Landing 5 - July 20, 2019
rcerkon: Jupiter, Antares & Scorpius
rcerkon: Shine on you crazy diamonds
astropleiades: 2019-07-16 11 Brihuega, lavanda y eclipse lunar (4 fotos)
astropleiades: 2018-08-30 02 Cabo de Palos HDR (13 fotos)
Merrillie: The Milky Way
astrofreak81: Moonn vs. crane / @ 40 mm / 2019-07-17
Austronomer76: Lunar Eclipse July 16th 2019 - 500mm
The Dark Side Observatory: Globular Cluster Messier 12 in the Constellation Ophiuchus