Mike Z: Torn shade LV4A1956
Mike Z: Office Entrance LV4A1941
Mike Z: Howard and Nichols LV4A1937
Mike Z: Stalls LV4A1923
Mike Z: It's not easy LV4A4307
Jane Lazarz Nature Photography: Erving Manufacturing Co
Jane Lazarz Nature Photography: A metephor of today's times...
Mike Z: collies LV4A4202
Mike Z: Beat Boot LV4A1926
Mike Z: Along the river LV4A1850
Jane Lazarz Nature Photography: I'll leave the light on for you...
Mike Z: Flue Brushes LV4A1847
Mike Z: A setup LV4A1843
Mike Z: Documenting a manufacturing step LV4A1833
Mike Z: Office work at the mill LV4A1829
Mike Z: Sapling LV4A1817
Mike Z: Instrument panel LV4A1811
Mike Z: Roller Conveyors LV4A1796
Mike Z: Wheels and Cables LV4A1789
Mike Z: Steel Door LV4A1785
// Denise \\: Outbuilding
// Denise \\: Lost Farmhouse
Gary Tompkins: Pittsburg, NH
Jane Lazarz Nature Photography: Hotel Bridge across Mill River ~ Leeds, MA
ToddAPage-photography: Jeans at abandoned train station in Lawrence MA