Nobusuma: Good readings
Nobusuma: Cold, cold night
a saucerful: Winterhimmel.
Nobusuma: Wintery bouquet - Happy Monochrome Bokeh Thursday
Nobusuma: Knocking and entering
a saucerful: Only one.
Andy Magee: Sunbathing
Nobusuma: Slowly creeping out of winter
Nobusuma: 那覇、黄昏。
Nobusuma: My crumpled little hat
Andy Magee: Reflection
Nobusuma: All you can drink - 飲み放題
Andy Magee: Kooki the Kookaburra
bcg~art: hydrangea indoors in winter
auntsmack4u: the interesting Mesa Verde National Park Landscape
auntsmack4u: "traveling alone."
a saucerful: Oh Tannenbaum.
bcg~art: cactus by the window
Nobusuma: Little tree
lkurnarsky: BKSTG-12
a saucerful: Dunkle Zeit.
bcg~art: Blossom's last gasp
a saucerful: Oben-November.
Nobusuma: On the first walk of November
a saucerful: Zauber.
Nobusuma: Rain, rain DON'T go away...
Nobusuma: Not so busy night
lawatt: snowy slopes