Alda Cravo Al-Saude: Sol e canas
iEspying: Evening sun bath..!!
iEspying: Butter Fly :)
iEspying: Look at my colors.. :)
iEspying: Eye Contact..!!
iEspying: Baby..!!
iEspying: My Love - Nikon..!!
iEspying: Ants..!!
iEspying: Flowers are symbol of love to mankind! Flowers perpetuate love in the world! Flowers are lovely indeed forever! Flowers are unique in the world
iEspying: Shine on me..!!
iEspying: Contrasts in India..!!
iEspying: Ferry Ride, Dakshineshwar temple
iEspying: Tram Ride in Kolkata
iEspying: On the way to Belur Math, Kolkata
iEspying: Misty Mornings, @ mandarmani, West Bengal
iEspying: Another shot at Victoria Memorial Kolkata..!!
iEspying: Victoria Memorial in Kolkata
iEspying: The famous Howrah bridge in Kolkata
iEspying: Belur-Math in Kolkata
marioanders: IMG_0291_2013-01-02_5DIII.JPG
iEspying: Golden Leaves
pedro lastra: Deering Estate Sunrise, Miami, FL.
canonfoder1: Winter berries
canonfoder1: big climb
canonfoder1: sunset downs
canonfoder1: reed into the sun
iEspying: A key to Life
Samy Collazo: "Lo que te hace feliz"
pedro lastra: The Roman Forum with the Colosseum and Titus's Arch. Rome, Italy.