harrypwt: night ride
harrypwt: kopeng
harrypwt: morning mist
harrypwt: green wild grass and trash ...
harrypwt: bamboo tower
harrypwt: savoy homann
harrypwt: savoy homann hotel
harrypwt: savoy homann at night
harrypwt: green plastic bank
harrypwt: tugu in miniature
harrypwt: side street food moving stand ...
harrypwt: reflection of morning light
Dennis Diehl: Flathead Lake North -- 9/19
Dennis Diehl: Lake Curl
harrypwt: root
harrypwt: orange wild flower
Dennis Diehl: Tiny White Sail Boat
Dennis Diehl: Lunch Creek
Dennis Diehl: A Peek At The River
Dennis Diehl: Flathead Lake / September '19
Dennis Diehl: Glacier / September '19
Dennis Diehl: Baby Island
harrypwt: night lights
harrypwt: bunga kertas
harrypwt: 5 red flowers
harrypwt: tuk bimolukar
harrypwt: gunung sindoro
harrypwt: car free day in malioboro
harrypwt: stairs to cave