hytam2: Rubbish Bin
sarahstierch: Hobbs Station
sarahstierch: Recycling Drop-Off
sarahstierch: Trash cans
sarahstierch: Waste paper
leo.roos: Colour sandwich
leo.roos: Arte Latino
leo.roos: Curves and colours
leo.roos: Green harmony
leo.roos: Connections in black and white
leo.roos: Hot bench, cool bin
hytam2: Vatican Rome Italy
leo.roos: Creative with trash
J.G. Park: Thank you
stoha: muelleimer | easy to use
stoha: tonne_kirche
stoha: gwb | weinen um muelltonnen
Jan van der Wolf: Two trash cans and a sign
earthdog: October 24: Bottels and Cans
earthdog: Recycle Logo