andrzejskałuba: Z albumu "Róże"
rosemaree905: DSC_8088
Christine_S.: pink rosebud
ceriz_83: We both know what memories can bring, they bring diamonds and rust
Denis Trente-Huittessan: Vestiges de l'hôtel de Beaune-Semblançay (c. 1500-1525) - Tours (Indre-et-Loire, France)
Bephep2010: Climbing Roses
dw*c: The Melbourne Garden show 2015
avempace2: IMG_9525
Christine_S.: red roses
jangurney: DSCN0131 Summer has disappeared and we are now getting lots of rain and chilly days.
Denis Trente-Huittessan: Tours (Indre-et-Loire, France)
Denis Trente-Huittessan: Tours (Indre-et-Loire, France)
Owl Prints: Rosa 'Perle d'Or'
iainwag: IMG_2922ab
✿ Graça Vargas ✿: i k e b a n a
iainwag: IMG_2848a
iainwag: IMG_2847a
=Anubis=: 'Garden of Roses ®'
avempace2: IMG_1628
情事針寸II: Messire Delbora Boyer Onyx F = 100
Peter.Stokes: A yellow, red & white Rose
delnaet: rose
annjane3: Red Poppy
Vieuxfinder: Bowl o' roses
jangurney: DSC05171 - Rose - Compassion
Christine_S.: pink rose