pyjamabay: got a screwdriver
A Yen for Phantoms: makers’ marks
recombiner: examine
Milly M.: Shapes and colours.
/\/\: CoLLagE
brancusi7: Behold The Patron Saints Of The Stained Glass Stripperhood #2
ketsada UNs: Orchid
ketsada UNs: Orchid
recombiner: Nav 51
recombiner: Miscellany 123, row 1
sgaubert: passants2
ladybumblebee: high line 2
recombiner: trio
ms. neaux neaux: Twilight Zone #
elartistadelamaquinadeescribir: temprano tomando esta foto
Djuno Tomsni: You're Lost
pyjamabay: kalenderblatt space-kitsch
janice wahnich: Steve Nicholls for jkpp
ladybumblebee: adobe house
Leo & Pipo: Leo & Pipo, by Rocko Moskito
sgaubert: L'arbre dans la tombe
a.kuehn.wb: Collage #1916
sgaubert: Lao-tseu2
recombiner: Panic in Scotland
recombiner: spot the schism
ladybumblebee: hotel Bretagne
brancusi7: The Lewis Carroll Drug
Leo & Pipo: Leo & Pipo, by Irune Bo
brancusi7: Woman As Ancient Conceptual Artist