Ted_Roger_Karson: Full Moon IMG_6301
Chic Bee: Full November Moon
autumnhillswoollens685: The Full Moon with Clouds
odettefromonteil: BELLE LUNE !
Ted_Roger_Karson: Waxing Gibbous 99% Illuminated Full Moon IMG_6298
hughaber: Mare Imbrium 2019-09-21 03.32.16 UT
eliot photos: Rising Lunar halo in Tucson AZ
eliot photos: Moon rising as a halo in Tucson AZ
Ivan Coninx Photography: Moon – Mechelen – 2019 11 08 – 01 – Copyright © 2019 Ivan Coninx
Ted_Roger_Karson: Waxing Gibbous 79% of the Moon is Illuminated IMG_6288
Ted_Roger_Karson: Waxing Gibbous 60% of the Moon is Illuminated IMG_6278
gabicuff1: Waxing Crescent - 48.2%
hughaber: Lunar Mosaic 2019-09-21 Image Session Commenced 02.36.19 UT
gabicuff1: Waxing Crescent - 27.8%
Ted_Roger_Karson: Waxing Crescent 17% of the Moon is Illuminated IMG_6271
hughaber: Lunar Craters Theophilus, Cyrillus & Catharina 2019-09-19 02.45.47 UT
Merrillie: Early Morning Moon
hughaber: Sunset Over Rupes Altai 2019-09-19 02.19.39 UT
hughaber: Lunar Southern Uplands 2019-09-20 02.26.44 UT
eliot photos: One day thin crescent Moon
Merrillie: Early Morning Moon
Ted_Roger_Karson: Waxing Gibbous Moon IMG_6244
eliot photos: Thin crescent Moon in Earthshine rising over Tucson AZ foothills
georgematrix001: Moon in the cloud
LezFoto: PA250458
hughaber: Lunar Feature Lamont 2019-09-19 03.22.10 UT
LezFoto: PA120116
gabicuff1: Waning Gibbous - 82%