thesoundofbreathing: The memory of life...
Bogdan !: "They weren't afraid or ashamed of work. They worked until they overcame their condition."
thesoundofbreathing: Fyvie Church. The past is already written...
Visual Flows: [ Mercator ]
mavparadeza: tobakko 1
mavparadeza: tobakko 2
mavparadeza: tobakko 3
ustezki: Chainli
Bogdan !: "We can't even remember how much time has passed. We are still waiting for something good to happen..."
Fatehi Al-Tamimi: Highlands
Jeremy Amanitas: Royaume du maroc
Džesika Devic: Paris, Las Vegas
thesoundofbreathing: Cerca trova...
June25th: HANA0050
Jeremy Amanitas: 48h short film project
Džesika Devic: faded sounds of summer
thesoundofbreathing: Traveller from an antique land...Boundless and bare the lone and level sands stretch far away..
thesoundofbreathing: The King's Road...
Džesika Devic: Just me, you and what I thought to be the open road
thesoundofbreathing: Fyvie Church...
Bogdan !: "It may be just a regular perspective,something not out of the ordinary, however, this made me think about seeing the light where you lost all your hopes. Not the light of change,but the light of normality,by looking up and forward,through the obstacles."