Jim Frazee: Natural Bridge in Bryce Canyon National Park (10-7-2019)
Carla@: Gabbiano reale (Larus michahellis) in livrea invernale Y.L. Gull (michahellis), winter plumage
anacm.silva: Benedito-de-testa-amarela / Yellow-fronted Woodpecker - female
Jeff Lack Wildlife&Nature: DSC0970 Black Tern...
Hannah 0013: Southern Masked- Weaver ... ♀
gardener54: Australian native bee: homalictus something
Colin Pacitti: gushing from the trees
jungle mama: Screw Pine fruit is ripening
Mobile Lynn: Off travelling - Fairy Tern 501_8835.jpg
BirderBert: Cackling Goose 9s
atsjebosma: lawyer's wig.........
Susan Roehl: Anhinga Drying Its Wings (Anhinga anhinga)
sh@ron0: Fairy Roses
Melisenda2010: Geranio rosso
maqsmughal: 3U8A5726 _ Last minute before complete sunset
Pixi2011: Scarlet-chested Sunbird (male) / Rooiborssuikerbekkie (mannetjie)
Graham Pym On/Off: Autumn leaf
davewildlife: vert alert male Cheetah ( one of three brothers )
Annelise LE BIAN: L'Evian One file à 100 km/h sur le lac Léman ! Une belle bête !
PriscillaBurcher: Ortalis columbiana (Colombian Chacalaca / Guacharaca)
Yer Photo Xpression: Northern Cardinal
Judylynn M.: A Moment to Rest !!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jim Frazee: Think Thin - 1.1 Miles Long Mt. Carmel Tunnel Westbound in Zion National Park (10-5-2019)
jungle mama: Palm seed cluster in morning sun
excellentzebu1050: Delta Bravo Ranger,
Irene2727: Clouds come floating into my life, no longer to carry rain or usher storm, but to add color to my sunset sky. ~~ Rabindranath Tagore
Yer Photo Xpression: Northern Cardinal
Mobile Lynn: Grey Heron 501_9168.jpg
Fred255 Photography: Afon Nyfer Newport Pembrokeshire
ACEZandEIGHTZ: Taking Care Of Business