Orlando Z.: Blaues Porträt
ignatignatov.com: afterthefeast
tony & jane: New Beginnings
beatme_x: ausm familienalbum
beatme_x: twenties
Simon Birky Hartmann: #collageretreat 076. 01/17/2021.
flampinen: Salvador
A Yen for Phantoms: Every Fallen Petal a Relic
Orlando Z.: Der Paravent
S e r s h: Inability to replicate rhythmic patterns.
Angie Naron: Three Dimensional Collage: "The Night Mare"
tahewitt: untitled
ladybumblebee: black coat
tony & jane: Time Again
Orlando Z.: Graffiti
Simon Birky Hartmann: #collageretreat 073. 01/14/2021.
Simon Birky Hartmann: #collageretreat 074. 01/16/2021.
Simon Birky Hartmann: #collageretreat 075. 01/16/2021.
S. Taillifer [John T Allen]: Cisuralian Forest [EP]
brancusi7: Screenworld And The Fourth Wall (tamed)
A Yen for Phantoms: Latched Provision
tahewitt: untitled
woodcum: rse
flampinen: América first
ladybumblebee: untitled
janismeeks: I’m forever blowing bubbles!