GIjs Rijsdijk: Scheveningen
Rourkeor: Ailsa Craig view
Patrick.Raymond (8M views): Toulindac, argentique, 2
Icanpaint1: setting sunlight over Rye Beach
Ian Toms: Castle Cornet sunrise
tesseract33: sunset fishboat at lund
Michel Couprie: De retour
-Yaz-: Molten gold
-Yaz-: L'ile d'or
APTEM Kovalev: 2021-11-03_12-08-DSC_7550.JPG
LorenzoGiunchi: Salinas Ibiza South winds
Tridacna: Indonesia - Sulawesi
Tridacna: Indonesia - Sulawesi
Tridacna: Indonesia - Sulawesi
ragnarfredrik: IMG_0482s - Sailing..
Stephen G Wild: beside the seaside, beside the sea
Shaun Smith-Milne: West Kirby, United Kingdom
APTEM Kovalev: 2021-11-02_16-07-DSC_7043.JPG
Maierpic: Gibralter's backside seen from Tangier, Morocco.
Maierpic: "Sittin on the dock of..." Tangier, Morocco
Maierpic: Sea cave entrance, Tangier, Morocco.
Rod Dermo: California Coast
rozoneill: I foresee rain in my future
Ann/k: Good morning