lenstewartMX: Alongside the railroad tracks. Grand Junction, Colorado
Alexxx1979: Russian Railway Museum 10
Alexxx1979: Bogolyubovo 23
Alexxx1979: Astrakhan 36
hyphy2008: P8130525M180T
hyphy2008: P8120511H103R
hyphy2008: P8120502H103R
jejh064: Lights from our balcony.
bd168: Wasp like
bd168: The bumble bee and the Japanese beetle.
Yeet Cannon: Pennsylvania Memorial Arch
Shungo.a.Lie: Icons
Shungo.a.Lie: My neighbor #1
Yeet Cannon: Hexamer's New Jersey Battery
Yeet Cannon: The Horse Soldier
Yeet Cannon: Lincoln at Gettysburg
Shungo.a.Lie: Korean Colors #1
davesaphoto1: Red tailed Black Cockatoo
Shungo.a.Lie: Korean Colors #2
Shungo.a.Lie: Couple
Shungo.a.Lie: School of fish #1
Shungo.a.Lie: School of fish #2
Shungo.a.Lie: Fish market #1
Shungo.a.Lie: Fish market #2
Shungo.a.Lie: Korean Colors #3
Brule Laker: Former KAM/Pilgrim Baptist Church
billpan45: Do Memories Have a Life of Their Own?
John Kubler: EMA17128 1
hex1952: P7282328-2