BillHinAnchorage: 9-19-21-7193-Moulin on the Root Glacier
BillHinAnchorage: 10-21-21-5495 Kincaid Beach Mud-flickr
jan_elsnerelsner: DPP_20-06-28_0238
Janne Maikkula: Hiisi toteemi - Natural sculpture
A Lion: Glacierformation
A Lion: A Föld színei / The colours of Earth
wally nelemans: Sentier des Douaniers, balancerende granieten rots, Frankrijk 2021
wally nelemans: Sentier des Douaniers, granietrots man met pet, Frankrijk 2021
wally nelemans: Sentier des Douaniers, granietrotsen de neusaap, Frankrijk 2021
tlswan2: Antelope Canyon
olwynam1: The Face of Nature!
Coquine!: Turia
Ron Layters: balance
karlegil.brunstad: Mannen - The Man
BillHinAnchorage: 9-13-21-6774_Mat Glacier Ice and silt-flickr
Janne Maikkula: Metsän henkipuu - Spirit of the woods
flickr flame: Sunset Glow
BillHinAnchorage: 9-13-21-6771_Matanuska Glacier Ice and Silt
Art-by-Bart (B.Stegman): Cibeque Lower Falls
peterkaroblis: Sculpture by nature
Geoff Piltz: Found Art 1 - The Idol
: Steinar
jfmvaz: Man With Mask
BillHinAnchorage: 9-13-21-6796-Mat Glacier Silt Patterns-flickr
BillHinAnchorage: 9-13-21-6859-Mat Glacier Silt Patterns-flickr
BillHinAnchorage: 9-13-21-6732_Meltwater Pond Mat Glacier-flickr
BillHinAnchorage: 9-13-21-6814-Mat Glacier Silt Patterns-cropped-flickr