vw4y: assorted ear rings
vw4y: frog earrings
shannonrossalbers: Land O Loss
-TheDebster-: Monochrome study of wheelbarrows and wood
Made by BeaG: Sea (mixed media art)
Made by BeaG: Forest (mixed media art)
Made by BeaG: Birthday Bunting (Verjaardagsslinger)
Made by BeaG: Baby Quilt (Baby Dekentje)
shannonrossalbers: The Ukulele Player
annacmei: Ruby Rose Earrings
bonesy5522: Scherenschnitte
mowelizabeth: PXL_20210416_214743239.PORTRAIT
annacmei: Wide Copper Cuff With A Boulder Opal
annacmei: Sonora Sunrise Necklace in Rustic Copper
mowelizabeth: IMG_001_7521_R
annacmei: Fancy Amazonite Cuff
ha! designs: Zentangle® Inspired Art : Dewdrops to Gems
annacmei: Dove Flight above the Sea,Apatite,Moonstone and Ceramic Necklace
mowelizabeth: OOAK BACKPACK Demure Daisy
mowelizabeth: OOAK BACKPACK Gator Beach
annacmei: Minimalist Labradorite Necklace, Rustic Copper Pendant,OOAK
annacmei: Maligano Jasper
annacmei: Minimalist Apatite Necklace
annacmei: Organic tectured copper hoop Lapis Earrings
annacmei: Self Found Sea Glass & Natural Aquamarine Pendant
annacmei: Ruby Ziosite Copper Cuff,OOAK Gift
annacmei: Natural Aquamarine Pendant
annacmei: Ammonite Teardrop Earrings
annacmei: Chrysoprase copper leaf statement cuff