Brad Lackey: Jordan + Taylor
Nefise H: 'Eye Spy' ~ monochrome smoke art composite
Nefise H: 'Happy Hour' ~ smoke art composite
Nefise H: Rising from the Ashes ~ “I no longer feared the darkness once I knew the phoenix in me would rise from the ashes” ~ William C Hannan
Nefise H: 'In My Mind's Eye' ~ Smoke Art Composite (purple)
Nefise H: 'In My Mind's Eye' ~ Smoke Art Composite (peach)
fransmith556: Connected
Thadd G: Ruby
Brad Lackey: Ocoee Kayaker
imajane: Fiery sunset looking south
fransmith556: A Purple Hat
fransmith556: Swirl of Color
fransmith556: Doing a Dance
Photator: Milk drop onto a plate.
Carol Cohn: 5D192932-Bowl-collision-with-fringed-skirt-L
fransmith556: It's a Ringer
Carol Cohn: 5D193020--Double-Bowl
fransmith556: Detached Lamp
Carol Cohn: 5D192554-Undersea-creature
Nefise H: Tram Depot 38-40 ~ Hackney
Carol Cohn: 5D181174-Bowl-vase-with-multicolor-collision-CROPPED-l
Carol Cohn: 5D181962-2-jet-Guitar-Hero-in-Concert
Carol Cohn: 5D181644-Cylinder-base-with-plate-collision
Carol Cohn: 5D181973-Criss-Cross-Double-Jet-with-bridge-splash-l
Carol Cohn: 5D182038-Rudolph-the-Red-Nose-Reindeer
rabidscottsman: 2013 Polar Plunge Rochester Minnesota 122 Crimea, Ukraine. A boy taking a dive.
holecem: Mermaids do exist...