Kjell75: Calm.
HKaroly: Cathedral of Syracuse
Jo&Ma: Bright Pink
jeffgmarston2: A waterfall near Bryce Canyon
BonniesNaturePhotography: femaledownywoodpeckeronbackyardbranchwatermarked-11-19-2019
BonniesNaturePhotography: malecardinalonbackyardbranchwatermarked-11-19-2019
BonniesNaturePhotography: malecardinalonbackyardstumpwatermarked-11-19-2019
M.T.A.V: Elmer Beach Long Exposure 3
Claudio Andrés García: Poder natural (Derecho natural) / Natural power (natural law)
mauvi_63: west3
PAUL YORKE-DUNNE: Life is a Beech
Vest der ute: Frozen Autumn
Modkuse: Leaf In Mums - Autumn
Modkuse: Autumn Details
wilma HW61: Cold morning with nice atmosphere
davidhudson07: More tales from the riverbank.
EvenHarbo: German command bunker
3Bs7Gs: Atlantic Beach, NC IMG_1596
Pa Tea: Because love is in the Air
Judith B. Gandy (on and off, off and on): Taken from the plane to Savusavu
Darea62: Riflessi sopra il pontile del Forte
surfcaster9: Captured
rosch2012: I am sure there is much more water - sometimes.....
gerrit-worldwide.de: Taihangshan Mountains 太行山
rosch2012: DSC_2326
Andrew Hocking Photography: A U T U M N - W O N D E R L A N D