V A N D E E: Red Lights
Hubott: Maritimeless
kris__q: morning
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WinRuWorld: Lake Rotorua: silence and serenity
Ulrich Jacob: Auf zum Frühdienst! - Early shift!
kris__q: windows
lortie.chad: 2022-05-21_SaintAntoineDeTilly_324
lortie.chad: 2022-08_Montauk_060
lortie.chad: 2022-08_Montauk_130
LichtSpielHaus: Fenster+Fassaden+Farben (4)
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kris__q: frozen leaves
kris__q: urban geometry
guitare cassée: Dedicated to the memory of Paul G. (see links below). "And I was looking for some friends of mine, and I had no time to waste..."
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le retour à la terre: les reflets 2 octobre 2022 15h53min54s
V A N D E E: Pure Geometry
Oliver Schoepgens: Dreams & Thoughts
FabianT.: trapped
Hubott: Spinnaker Tower
kris__q: birds