Deepgreen2009: The Blue Way
sdttds: IMG_4839_Stacked Rocks on Agate Beach
sdttds: IMG_4903_Justin's artwork with "sand rain"
sdttds: IMG_1080_Christmas ghost
Wolfram Burner: Pick Up Sticks
sdttds: IMG_0708_Glow-hoop dancer
sdttds: Happy Halloween (slightly belated)
Martin Artman: We came in peace for all sandkind
Martin Artman: Buzz Aldrin tribute on the South Bank
Martin Artman: Michael Jackson as a boy in sand
Lester Public Library: Circle Reflection is Broken
Lester Public Library: Sidewalk Art
mentos2: Ice formation in a puddle.
mentos2: ice in puddle,
mentos2: Iced Ivy.
Deepgreen2009: Somewhere to Hang my Hat!
pinehurst19475: West Ferry Avenue, Street Art 1--Detroit MI
pinehurst19475: Sidewalk Painting of Frida Kahlo, 2003 Festival of the Arts--Detroit MI
mentos2: Hi Sue!!!
mentos2: mosaic chesil.
mentos2: Little house at chesil beach,
ghbrett: Cello Matrix
ghbrett: Cello Matrix (detail)
mentos2: mosaic chesil.
mentos2: an hour to spare on chesil beach.
ghbrett: Split Level
ghbrett: Lake Piece
ghbrett: Lake Piece
ghbrett: Ricochet
ghbrett: Wednesday