maryanne.pfitz: Safety in Rough Waters
maryanne.pfitz: Horse and Buggy
Lost Albatross: Winter geese
Lost Albatross: New Years sun
Lost Albatross: Snowy creek
Lost Albatross: First paddle of the year
johndecember: Under the Dome at Milwaukee Public Library Central
johndecember: The Holiday Hop enters the Historic Third Ward
Gary Eckstein: Dec 29 2019 Petrifying Springs Park
johndecember: Christmas in Milwaukee 2019
Lost Albatross: Door County overlook
Lost Albatross: Door County woods
Art Walaszek: Fishing the Big Green River
Heartland Images Photography: CP_Holiday Train-9277
Yuki (8-ballmabelleamie): Taliesin Spring Green
closerviews: St. Francis Reflections
Gary Eckstein: Holiday Folk Festival State Fair Park Nov 2010
Gary Eckstein: Tenuta's 3
Yuki (8-ballmabelleamie): Milwaukee Art Museum
Gary Eckstein: Kenosha Downtown
Gary Eckstein: Kenosha Downtown
Gary Eckstein: Practice Fall Ball
Gary Eckstein: Frank Falduto at 2019 Lancerfest
Gary Eckstein: Kenosha. NW Corner of 7th Ave and Washington Road. Epigraph reads: Harrington Co, 1903
maryanne.pfitz: Bathing Beauty
Gary Eckstein: Kenosha Downtown
Gary Eckstein: Kenosha Downtown
Yuki (8-ballmabelleamie): marina in late summer