Jerry Reuss Collection: 1988-05-04-011 Boston
kevystew: Carbondale PA (1)
kevystew: Carbondale PA (2)
kevystew: Carbondale PA (4)
Jerry Reuss Collection: 1988-05-04-006 Boston
Brule Laker: Former H M Goody By Dollar Plus
bozartproductions: "The Erie Hotel" Signage Wall Art- Port Jervis NY
Brule Laker: Former The Corner Store
kevystew: Wilkes-Barre PA (2)
Jerry Reuss Collection: 1988-05-07-021-022 Baltimore
Brule Laker: Barry's Metal, Inc.
Brule Laker: Former Medinah Temple
Don's Vanishing America: Leal's ... Lubbbock Texas
Jerry Reuss Collection: 1988-05-07-005 Baltimore
Brule Laker: 3800 W. Flournoy Rules
MR38.: Mural on Wall - Encinitas California
Jerry Reuss Collection: 1998-07-01-026 Anaheim
Jerry Reuss Collection: 1997-08-14-002 Milwaukee
kevystew: Laurens SC 2005
yeahwotever: Red Truck. Yellow Truck.
Don's Vanishing America: Flats Fixed ... Levelland Texas
kevystew: Munising MI
Don's Vanishing America: Drive Thru ... Levelland Texas
rossendale2016: Manchester Town Hall =we’ll be back in 2024
Don's Vanishing America: Tienda's Mexican Food Restaurant ... Levelland Texas
Don's Vanishing America: University Laundry & Cleaners 1215 Ave G. (Crickets Ave.) ... Lubbock Texas
Don's Vanishing America: Shady Deal? ... Lubbock Texas