La Taina: Ovíparos y Vivíparos
La Taina: Siniestro Total
javiernoval: Luna / Moon / Mond
caleb269: Bounty of nature
vaneramos: High Key
vaneramos: Fungs and bark
javiernoval: Puesta de sol / Sunset
javiernoval: Look Up
Stillwater73: Three Tongues
neil.gilmour: Longwood Gardens pink and white flower in the early evening
vaneramos: Queen Anne's lace on blue
javiernoval: Techo del Gran Patio / Great Court's Roof
vaneramos: Gray treefrog, Dryopteris versicolor
vaneramos: Gem-studded puffball, Lycoperdon perlatum
javiernoval: Las tres torres / The Three Towers / Die Drei Türme
vaneramos: Self-portrait with driftwood
javiernoval: ¡Que no son gigantes! / But they're not giants!
vaneramos: Staghorn sumac, Rhus typhina
javiernoval: Plaza de la Escandalera
javiernoval: End of Summer
vaneramos: Goldenrod and pines
vaneramos: Staghorn sumac, Rhus typhina
javiernoval: Horsnibal Lecter
vgoro: Усадьба Быково
vaneramos: Curtis's puffball, Lycoperdon curtisii
neil.gilmour: Istanbul - Theodosian Walls partially restored in 2012
javiernoval: Decoración / Decoration