evablanchardcouet: reflections
Seeing Things My Way...: Narooma Pelicans
Marikriss: Feu d'artifice d'automne ...
Kees Couwenberg: Glow 2019 Eindhoven
helgi62: DSC_4890
HiJinKs Media...: Shipshape And Bristol Fashion
thor_mark : Reflections of Forest of Trees (Denali National Park & Preserve)
cbrozek21: The outside inside. Reality and dream.
Volker Bartz: My hometown with the cathedral at night
E. Pardo: Las formas del otoño
paulneedham2011: DSC_0118 (2)
evablanchardcouet: reflections in water
vodophoto's images: Reflection
al-ien: OH MY...flying monkeys
Kadu Flyer: And the mist and fog roll in
roba66: Stuttgart, Porsche Museum , Top-Architektur, Spiegelung im Dach , 47-25/12097
santurtzarra: Paisajes licuados
dl1ydn: Der Niendorfer Hafen
Emran Ashraf: St. Paul cathedral, London
Amselchen: colours of autumn@Sechs-Seen-Platte, Duisburg 3
Feng Wei Photography: Heishui City Ruins, Ejina Banner, Inner Mongolia, China
Captions by Nica... (Fieger Photography): The playful dance of Autumn
Selectivebits: The Girl in the bathtub
annjane3: Reflection
Reintje en Foekie: Zwolle, city canal