Frednik: baltic sea coast
Black and White Fine Art: Sombras (Shadows)
Andre T 44: Abstraction totale in Black
Klaus Ressmann: ArtRepair.jpg
Andre T 44: Barber shop
simplymr.holz: dam ugly in Dolgeville
Ody on the mount: To rain or not to rain...
Frank Hoogeboom: Someday XII
jonathan charles photo: Sisters statuesque
Klaus Ressmann: GateStract.jpg
simplymr.holz: The lantern and clevis
Black and White Fine Art: Arquitectura (Arquitecture)
Andre T 44: Dramatique in Black
Black and White Fine Art: Balcón Sanjuanero (San Juan Balcony)
Andre T 44: Prise au piège
Andre T 44: Sur un fil
Mister Blur: Tower of strength
Andre T 44: Un playboy dans sa Jaguar
Darryl Jay: Shaded Grey
Darryl Jay: Philadelphia Freedom
Darryl Jay: DarrylJSR Photography
Darryl Jay: Thinking of you
Darryl Jay: Odd beauty
Andre T 44: Quelques pas perdu.........
simplymr.holz: a study of incline
Black and White Fine Art: Lámpara Sanjuanera (San Juan Lamp)
Ody on the mount: More Perspective, less Reflections...
enriquereyesb: exploradora