DaveCzGrLk: Leather-leaf - Chamaedaphne calyculata - Ericaceae: Heath family
Adam Swaine: Galanthus ‘Cordelia..
ianderry64: Snowy Bradgate Juvenile Red Deer Stag
StephenBuckle: Caladenia crebra - Arrowsmith Spider
Adam Swaine: Snowdrops 2021..Galanthus nivalis
Plant_ID: Opuntia orange 2
R King 7: Flowers and Butterfly
Eleanna Kounoupa: Μητροπολιτικό Πάρκο «Αντώνης Τρίτσης»
beranekp: 2015-08-30 Sphaeralcea coccinea - BG Teplice
Johnson Cameraface: snowdrops along the trail
Richard Laidler: Snowdrops at Wycliffe Jan 2021
Ettore Guarnaroli: Dactylorhiza incarnata
Plant_ID: Echium Candicans - Pride of Madeira
beranekp: 2012-01-29 Hamamelis x intermedia - BG Teplice
StephenBuckle: Caladenia filifera - Blood Spider Orchids
Plant_ID: Opuntia ficus-indica flower close-up
Plant_ID: pericallis aurita endemic to Madeira 2
carloberlingieri: Wild Iris in the Krka National Park
MisterQque: Cuyahoga Valley National Park Ohio July 2018
Alan Burkwood: Lockdown3.
Brian Tansey: Blue Tit
favmark1: Lots of winter Snowdrops...
jacksonthomas564: Fairy Glen Sefton Park Liverpool
StephenBuckle: Caladenia lobata - Butterfly Orchid
Victoria's Gallery Photography: "I have great difficulty trusting those who can walk over flowers, crushing them beneath their feet. If one can knowingly destroy something so fragile, I fear what they may do to my heart one day."
DaveCzGrLk: Hoary Vervain - Verbena stricta - Verbenaceae: Vervain Family
Plant_ID: edmondia sesamoides in Hermanus
Plant_ID: Watsonia stenosiphon
allancross51: Borage