EMEM Manuel Martinez: Jour 45 / le raccoMModage
urline: shape of my heart.
urline: dealing with inner clouds.
Studio d'Xavier: The preacher dunked her head 3 times in the basin & called out for the demons to leave & then she spit water in his face. So he extemporaneously added a fourth & by the time she came up for air the demons were considerably more restrained.
Vesna Pukich: 20/52 Twoo Clicks pubblicità :)
Opal in the rough: Week 23 - loose pieces
Lauren Peralta: if i gave you my love
V. Bures-Photography: This life is yours
...cathérine: Variation
sp_clarke: made you something
Photometography: Boxed in, in the bath
Dr.Andre: non-dualismi domenicali
Studio d'Xavier: A Dangerous and Illegal Activity
Miss Aster: Propicio
Emily Sandifer: beauty of the dark
glassghost: 063
V. Bures-Photography: Melancholie.
glassghost: 123
Photometography: Autumn 2
lindley rebecca.: i've fallen victim to the strangest of dreams
sp_clarke: phobia
Emily Sandifer: selfportrait from Idaho
Emily Sandifer: Nothing better to do.