Merrillie: Clouds, reflections and sunrise over the bay
Welsh Harlequin: Clevedon Marine lake sunset 3465x3976.CR2
Merrillie: Sunrise and High Cloud over the Bay
Merrillie: Sunset over the Lake with Clear Skies
Merrillie: Sunset Waterscape with Clouds at the Waterfront
Mel Gray: Warners-Bay-pier_DSC0004 In EXPLORE
...Ola_S...: After sunset
Welsh Harlequin: Sunset Arrival for Opal Leader
Welsh Harlequin: Portishead Sunset 4501x2690.CR2
Welsh Harlequin: Sunset on Clevedon Pier
@ S h a s h p h o t o g r a p h y: The Needles, Isle of Wight
Welsh Harlequin: Severn estuary Sunset.
Welsh Harlequin: Prince of Wales Bridge
leosander1111: Sunrise
Hjalti Árna: Midnight in Skagafjörður
digital.1mpressions: Another Bali Sunset
Adventure George: Walking Amongst the Gods 08
Adventure George: Walking Amongst the Gods 07
Roi.C: Waves
Merrillie: Winter's Sunrise at Surf Beach with Craggy Rocks
Andrew_Simpson: Sunset over Paradise Bay - Malta
Roi.C: Sunset
Merrillie: Sunrise Waterscape with High Cloud and Boats
Merrillie: Sunrise Seascape with a sunburt through the low cloud bank
kevinmcdonalds1: Atlantic Ocean
kevinmcdonalds1: Atlantic Ocean
Mel Gray: Down-at-the-lake_DSCF2107