PatricksMercy: Students following in the foot steps of St. Francisof Assissi, students being received as Third Order Franciscans by Father Basil, OFM at Madonna High School Chapel 1958 Chicago, Ill
stuartjames5: Trafalgar Square. London. 1894
painting in light: British advertisements:
painting in light: Alberto Randegger:
Adriana Füchter ... thank you for 16 Million View: af0703_8476 escultura Juarez Machado em Sao Francisco do Sul
PatricksMercy: Students from St. Mary's Academy in the French Quarter of New Orleans, LA
sonobugiardo: presepi a treviso - dicembre 2019 (27)
painting in light: British advertisements:
painting in light: Amilcare Ponchielli:
beetle2001cybergreen: The Little Bird Vendor Mid Century Modern Art Print By Mexican Artist Alejandro Rangel Hidalgo
calook: Dray
painting in light: Georges Feydeau:
painting in light: Antonina Nezhdanova:
JFGryphon: Victorian kids worked ...
Frederick McLean: Leeds tram 400 and city scene in colour
stuartjames5: New Forest, Hampshire. c 1966
sonobugiardo: arezzo - 27/28 dicembre 2014
painting in light: 1940 Ballet Theatre:
painting in light: Alice Nielsen:
vintage ladies: Group of children
vintage ladies: Fred and Mary's Wedding
shixart1985: Old homemade workshop rack
PatricksMercy: Boy Scouts Cub Scouts 1962 with American flags Southern California
raaen99: Art Imitates Life
vintage ladies: Endorsed "La Lecture May 1942"
vintage ladies: 1939 Coningsby Road Nottingham
michaelausdetmold: Bahnkarte 1951