sonobugiardo: una domenica a "tutti in fiera" - padova
painting in light: Eva von der Osten:
painting in light: Emma Eames:
Isa-belle33: Les vieilles boutiques de Bordeaux
Kultur*: Smoked.
shixart1985: Old window with green spring leaves.
vintage ladies: Proud graduate
vintage ladies: Edwardian lady
Adriana Füchter ... thank you for 16 Million View: af0612_3018 Detalhe da Ponte Hercílio Luz - Florianópolis - SC
painting in light: Richard D'Oyly Carte:
painting in light: Eva von der Osten:
hey ~ it's me lea: Pack up your troubles
vintage ladies: Pretty Edwardian woman
vintage ladies: Smiling woman
beetle2001cybergreen: Vintage White Enamel Kitchen Flour Storage Container / Bin Car Boot Sale Find
lisby1: Carte de Visite of Unknown Woman, Circa 1873
painting in light: British advertisements:
lisby1: Lucy Rugg Wilder Gowing, Ambrotype of Painted Portrait, Circa 1855
tango-: Fougéres, Bretagne, France, August_2019_120(1)
beetle2001cybergreen: Vintage Corgi Toys Ford Mach1 Mustang 1970's
vintage ladies: Happy family portrait
vintage ladies: Sunday best for girl
painting in light: Edward 7th:
beetle2001cybergreen: Vintage The Fire Watcher Fully Automatic Glass Fire Extinguisher / Grenade Car Boot Sale Find
Isa-belle33: Les vieilles boutiques de Bordeaux...