Vanessa Fontana: Natureza morta minimalista - Minimal of still life
Larry Buechler: Paper Rose on Paper
Nusrat Suborna: An evening to make you lose your mind
mab19590322: Glass bottle
kaumpphoto: plastic-death
panga_ua: Summer's Wreckage
memoryweaver: Autumn Equinox 2019
Starej Grafik: Blurred vision variety
wos---art: 20190921_100805 Früchteteller
Best Snaps: White Cup White Background
Best Snaps: BW Camera
hallbæck: 6M7A7842
christy.hunter: L1310273
Hideki-I: cake
MzMoeMack: Stages: Losing Vitality.
MzMoeMack: Stages: Nostalgia of Life.
TheMonkeyBlues: PRAKTICA Super TL
Lo. (Laurent Abry): Pommes et raisin
Studio d'Xavier: Bluebells and Thistle
verona39: fruit
Alan James Raddon: The first pair of Shandals made at The Original Shandals Company were anointed with oconut Oil, Beeswax and Hide Care.
hutchphotography2020: Fender Challenged
Studio d'Xavier: Piggyback Attack with Monkey Tails
○ Hanna Lee ○: honeysuckle manor