꧁Zoen Silent꧂: ❤ Lynn *141* ❤
Arctida: DNA necklace for women Molecular biology gift for her
꧁Zoen Silent꧂: ❤ Lisa *140* ❤
Over the Top of NY: Live by the Sun, Love by the Moon Necklace
tangocatgems1: Im painting inside of seashells
꧁Zoen Silent꧂: ❤ Cold *136* ❤
꧁Zoen Silent꧂: ❤ Daisy *138* ❤
꧁Zoen Silent꧂: ❤ Amarillis *134* ❤
꧁Zoen Silent꧂: Bashera *133*
꧁Zoen Silent꧂: Ice Queen *132*
꧁Zoen Silent꧂: Dead Doll *124*
꧁Zoen Silent꧂: Cloud of Balloons *118*
꧁Zoen Silent꧂: Earth *116*
꧁Zoen Silent꧂: Shine *131*
꧁Zoen Silent꧂: Nanika *115*
tangocatgems1: Labradorite silver butterfly and leaf
꧁Zoen Silent꧂: Dead Doll *112*
꧁Zoen Silent꧂: Miss Widow Post # 099
꧁Zoen Silent꧂: Butterflies *110*
꧁Zoen Silent꧂: Roses Post # 089
Over the Top of NY: Moonstone Moon Face Ring
Over the Top of NY: Mocha Stone and Sterling Silver Necklace
꧁Zoen Silent꧂: Diana Post *101*
꧁Zoen Silent꧂: Old is New Post # 087
Over the Top of NY: Mediterranean Coral and Turquoise Earrings
Over the Top of NY: New gemstone stud earrings
tangocatgems1: Hair clip and hair stick
꧁Zoen Silent꧂: Crystals Post # 063
place bel-air: Unique necklace handmade with Africans symbols.
Arctida: Coliform bacteria necklace for women Microbiology jewelry