EllaH52: after the rain series
FrankaMacca: Beautiful Brutal
Georges de D.: Alvastra ruins
Vanessa Pita: Reflejos.
Minukhin: 2019-07-07_13-32-45-2
EllaH52: another dahlia - monochrome version
Vanessa Pita: Lento.
Vanessa Pita: The Earth is breaking.
verruckt42: Ferris Wheel
dw*c: Derwent River, Hobart
Georges de D.: Vadstena castle
uschmidt2283: Erfurt Dom
Georges de D.: Calvin Klein
dw*c: The grounds of MONA, Hobart
leo.roos: Folhammar raukar and shadow
sander_sloots: Barbary striped grass mouse
faun070: Brisbane '19
faun070: South Queensland '19
dw*c: New Zealand.
leo.roos: No info
Michał Kosmulski: Dwa miecze / Two Swords (origami)
EllaH52: another seagull
Peter_Conzelmann: Zwei Damen (2019) - Two Ladies
faun070: South Queensland '19
dw*c: Shadows from a balcony, Florence
Dru!: Misty Morning, Boundary Ranges
bwanamdevu@yahoo.co.uk: “This House Boat Comes With An Inflatable Unicorn Swimming Ring”!
janeland: A17952 / underfoot on filbert street
leo.roos: Vitvärs fiskeläge, 18th century fishing village, Gotland
leo.roos: Spoilt for choice