Nancy Rose: I said , put the bleepin' camera down and open the door!
ViaMoi: Kitty Cat for Tat
DGMiller777: Cat playing with water
ponkan.: harudanyan
omk1: Young snow leopard
harribobs: I'm tired, leave me alone
Cajaflez: Floris up close again
peter_hasselbom: Belle on Black 4
peter_hasselbom: Cute or not?
Cajaflez: Floris thinks he can play chess too.
Lou's Canon: Ode to Simon The Fat
recubejim: "I'm all right, Coolest place in the house!"
Tambako the Jaguar: A happy family
Johanna(veryOFF): Sallys new hobby, catching snowballs
Paolo Margari | the beast yawning - my lazy cat / gatto / chat
Paolo Margari | ...non fidarsi è meglio - my scared cat / gatto
pbradyart: Leopard 02
Urs Wachter™: Fighters
Cajaflez: FLORIS: A Happy New Year to all my fans. Thanks for all the comments and faves you have given me last year.
Gabbcan: I´m here, mom!
Novanto: wet white cat
rainydaydog: am I pretty enough now?
Jaep Kees Reitsma: ~ Kitten on Lesvos, Greece ~
Cajaflez: Profile of Floris
мʏяιαм70: ƨℓɛɛριиɢ ƨαтɛℓℓιтɛ
E.L.A: Garfi-Don't Take My Photo!!!
Roeselien Raimond: Imaginary Enemy (feral / stray kitten)
Roeselien Raimond: The Fab Four (Feral / Stray kittens)