Jon in Thailand: ,, Tinker-Bell ,,
Rudy (just Rudy): Cochise Stronghold
Saturn1111: BLUE HEALER
wildukuleleman: Lucky on a cold January Day!
Teena Maire: Our Sweet Boy
JJFET: Bracken Beds
TBT.images / Bob Toye: Luna’s ‘The Look’
Tõnno Paju: Suspicious jack russell Sara
vrot01: Mouse contently napping with V and a sun spot…
Teena Maire: Tucker loved drinking from the birdbath
Teena Maire: Tucker getting ready to go outside on a winters day
Teena Maire: Tucker waiting to be walked
Teena Maire: Tucker's little face spoke a thousand words
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Eric Chopin: R janvier 2022 (1 sur 1)
Bernard Spragg: Bernese Mountain Dog.
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Santiago Stucchi Portocarrero: Lima - Parque Pío XII
Ba®ky: Bongo meeting the neigbour
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Vinny Gragg: Kaptain Kurt 06-20-21
Rudy (just Rudy): Too cool for Tombstone
whitbywoof: 200308 Crufts-0141
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carogege: Sam en balade dans la forêt
jtottser: Kona
jtottser: Kona
Edward Arthur: Chester (Squint)
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