ProfS510: DSC_0493
laurie.mccarty: _DSC9129.jpg=Phantom Crane Fly
Lyn 'B': A Marbled White doing what Marbled Whites do.
redfish1957: Robber fly with Sweatbee dinner
stevenbailey7: Drinker Moths catterpillar
ProfS510: Bee hoovering
redfish1957: DSC_1165_00001_01
redfish1957: Moth on Cockscomb
redfish1957: Little Anole
redfish1957: katydid
Cedness0: Coccinelle
ProfS510: Nozzle
ProfS510: Fly, bite!!
Lyn 'B': A Large Skipper on Common Vetch. ( Taken on the I.O.W.)
ProfS510: Freedom, yeah!
stevenbailey7: The Mullein moth - Shargacucullia verbasci
Lyn 'B': Glanville Butterfly taken on the Isle of Wight.
John Chorley: Parasitic wasp checking out bee house
John Chorley: Wasp Stripping wood
pericadiz: Gladiolous
martinbailey5: White with a touch of Pink
redfish1957: Long Tailed Skipper
redfish1957: Love those honeybees
pericadiz: Medicina prohibida 2 - prohibited medicine 2
pericadiz: medicina prohibida - prohibited medicine
stevenbailey7: Common Red Soldier Beetle - Rhagonycha fulva
John Chorley: Jumping Spider
redfish1957: Large Gulf Fritillary Caterpillar
redfish1957: Freshly hatched Gulf Fritillary caterpillar